Damage caused by the Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami

A little late in posting this, but I’m sure by now everyone would be aware of the devastating earthquakes and tsunami that have hit Japan. At this point, although I feel terribly sad for the country and its people who have to fight the aftermath of the disaster, I am also extremely grateful that my friends in Japan are safe and alright.

There are many organizations fundraising for Japan right now, so remember to check the authenticity of the source, and how your contributions will be made use of, if you intend to donate!

Like most blogs have stated, people worldwide can help Japan to overcome this crisis by donating through various channels online such as:
Save the Children
Red Cross (International)
Google Crisis Response

But these organisations have been mentioned a gazillion times over in the last few days, so I will talk about another area of rescue that also needs help.

It is natural that animal rescue might end up taking a backseat in times of disaster because efforts are concentrated mostly on people. But let us not completely forget the animals that have lost their homes, been separated from family, or have been injured during the quake. My pets have always been considered part of my family, and so I cannot imagine how terrible it would be to lose them in a disaster.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that animal rescue is more important than the other disaster relief efforts! But perhaps if like me, you feel strongly about this cause, you might also want to consider contributing to animal rescue in Japan in addition to your donation to perhaps, The Red Cross through reliable sources like:

Nippon SPCA
Animal Rescue Kansai
Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS in this post)

Reunion between a man and his dog after the quake.

The Kinship Circle also has a very clear and comprehensive report of the many organizations involved in Animal Rescue here.

I was interested in donating to JEARS in particular because they were specially set up to provide support in animal rescue for this particular disaster. Being extra-doubly cautious, I did quite a fair bit of background checks on the groups that made up this coalition.

The three groups involved, HEART Tohoku, Japan Cat Network and Animal Friends Niigata, all have a no-kill policy and are well-established in Japan. To put most skeptics at ease, each group have posted either clear updates with photos on their rescue activites, or announced their collaboration efforts under JEARS on their respective websites. Furthermore, the Coalition has been very transparent so far about their activities, so you know exactly what your financial or non-financial donations are going into.

Hopefully this tiny background read up I did might help to put some hearts at ease about donating to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support!! Again, regardless of how much you want to donate, please make sure it goes to a reliable organization.

Let’s all hope that with all the help people are offering, Japan will be able to overcome this.



embarking on the 10 items/7 outfits challenge!

A while ago, my dearest friend Alanna of Macaron Hearts set a challenge for all lolitas in cyberspace: Using only 10 articles of clothing, create 7 unique looks that you would wear! Head on down to her first post about it to read about the rules and all that jazz. (:

Now, I personally loved loved LOVED the idea of it, especially having always seen this similarly done in issues of Non-No, and so I thought it would be fun if I gave it a shot! (: I took these in a rush to catch some natural light at 5pm, so please forgive the quality of the photos and my lack of makeup!!

As those who know me would be aware, I’m 98% sweet lolita (2% being my not-so secret desire to be a more mature gothic lolita one fine day!!) and that my wardrobe is filled mostly with pink and white! So that being said, here are my chosen 10 items:

A: Ports International blazer
B: Offbrand blouse (purchased off a local blogshop site!)
C: Angelic Pretty “Country of Sweets” JSK in pink
D: Secret Shop Shoes
E: Offbrand Mules with heart-shaped heels
F: Alice and the Pirates “This is my blood” Asymmetrical skirt in off-white
G: Forever 21 sleeveless top
H: Baby the Stars Shine Bright “Parfait” skirt in white
I: Liz Lisa short sleeved hoodie
J: Vivienne Westwood short sleeved cardigan


And so here comes Coordinate #1!

Normally I would wear this off-brand blouse over skinny jeans with a belt for some waist definition, and so, I thought, since that works for me normally, why not try it over a lolita skirt? And so I did. 😀

Coordinate items:
B: Offbrand Blouse
F: Alice and the Pirates “This is my Blood” Asymmetrical Skirt
E: Offbrand Heart-heel Mules
Offbrand belt
Primark lace tights
Paris Kids mini hair bow



Coordinate #2!

This is probably closest to what my regular Sweet Lolita look would look like! For the longest time, this Country of Sweets JSK was my absolute dream article that I wanted to own!! I was lucky to find this at a relatively reasonable price on Mbok nearly 2 years ago, and I have been one happy girl ever since! (:

Coordinate items:
C: Angelic Pretty “Country of Sweets” JSK
B: Offbrand Blouse (sleeves rolled up!)
J: Vivienne Westwood Cardigan
D: Secret Shop Shoes
Baby the Stars Shine Bright PinkxWhite Hairbow
Baby the Starts Shine Bright Bunny Purse
Sock Dreams over the knee rainbow socks



Coordinate #3!

This is the first time I’ve tried something like this, so I’m not sure if it worked quite as well as I hoped it would, but here goes anyway! The blazer covered up most of the top of the bodice, effectively toning down the JSK, and making it a little more “wearable” as compared to the previous full out Sweet Lolita look of #2.

Coordinate items:
C: Angelic Pretty “Country of Sweets” JSK
A: Ports International Blazer
E: Offbrand Heart-heel Mules
Primark laced tights
Ice-cream Necklace, a gift from Ivory
Feather hairband from Portobello Road



Coordinate #4!
So previously I’ve mentioned that my wardrobe was full of Pink and White items. But strangely enough, in my years of being a lolita, I’ve never really done a proper Shiro-Loli look before! It’s got a bit of an old-school lolita look, I think? But either way, I quite like this coordinate.

Coordinate items:
B: Offbrand Blouse
H: Baby the Stars Shine Bright “Parfait” Skirt
E: Offbrand Heart-heel Mules
Angelic Pretty white lace wrist cuffs
Baby the Stars Shine Bright white lace topped knee socks
H&M Offwhite Flower Hairband
Pearl Headband, gift from Ivory (worn as necklace)


And as it turned out, I ran out of sunlight before I could take any more photos, so this is all the coordinates I have for now!! Stay tuned for part 2, which will be posted soon!


Valentine’s Day: Kiss the cook!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

There’s that saying that goes “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and in my case this rings very true! My boyfriend is fond of his food, and since he hasn’t eaten my cooking since he visited me in Bristol in May 2009, I thought it would be a nice change if instead of a fancy meal out, we would have a nice homemade lunch by ourselves!

Now, I don’t claim to be an amazing cook by any means, but I am well-trained both by the internet (haha!) and 2 years of independent Uni Life to be able to throw together a pretty good meal when the time calls for it! Yes, I am an internet-trained cook and proud of it! 😀

The boyfriend offered to prepare starter and appetizer of Bruschetta and Caesar Salad, so I thought it was only fair that I handled main course and dessert. He is fond of anything with beef, potatoes or onions, which gave me quite a bit of options! But I guess I decided to play it safe this time round and go with my tried-and-tested AND guaranteed to please recipe of Cottage Pie.

Bruchetta, Caesar Salad, Cottage Pie (:

This particular pie has never failed me, and my ex-housemate Andrew claims that this is the best Cottage Pie he’s ever had (even better than his mum’s!!) so I had confidence that this would go over well with no problems! Cottage Pie is a tiny bit labour intensive, but it is well worth the effort for a nice warm dinner. Let me know if anyone wants to try this recipe out and I’ll share it! (:

I must take the time here to say that I was so impressed the boyfriend’s contributions to the meal! Both dishes were fantastic (tried and tested by his parents, who are absolute foodies!) with the Bruschetta having a bit of a spicy tuna twist and the Caesar Salad dressing was just amazing! I heard that the recipe for the dressing was previously used by the restaurant at the old Imperial Hotel, and all I can say that it was a winner in my books indeed! I will definitely be getting both recipes off him asap!

Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting (:

For dessert, I used Martha Stewart’s One Bowl Chocolate Cupcake recipe with reduced sugar to go with a yummy Cream Cheese Frosting (which my sister happened make too much of), and finished it with a sprinkling of grated Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate. To be honest, I didn’t have much confidence with this having never tried this recipe, and having rushed to make it on the morning itself, but I think it turned out pretty good!

After all the times we’ve had to decide on where we should go out to eat for over 5 years worth of special occasions, I think it was a lovely change to have a nice home-cooked meal date! We managed to save a little money, and got to spend some time working together in the kitchen, which was really lovely! Admittedly, I used to the sort who absolutely hates someone getting in my way when I’m cooking, but recently, I like having the extra company (and help!!) around.

Oh, I do like a guy who can cook up a pretty good meal, and I do like yummy food! After today’s success, I think there will definitely be more plans for more cooking dates in the future. (;


It’s the year of the rabbit!

Tiggy says it's his year, not mine!!

Just a quick one to wish everyone a happy Lunar New Year!

As most of us know, according to the Chinese Zodiac, it’s the year of the Rabbit this year. That means that it’s my year this year! 😀 However, I’ve just discovered that for the Vietnamese, instead of the Rabbit, it’s the year of the Cat! My two cats would be pleased to know that, I expect! 😀

I decided to go traditional this year and wore a Cheongsam/Qipao! The bad bit about wearing a Cheongsam during Chinese New Year is that because it is so form fitting, it does get uncomfortable if you eat too much!! But it does look flattering, and I guess maybe it will help to curb over-eating during the festive season??

Love the collar of my cheongsam, and how the light in this photo makes my hair look black!!! 😀

My sisters and I picked ours out during our Yunnan trip in December, and it’s got a bit of an unusual collar that I thought was quite cute! (: Sadly, I did change out of it into something a bit more comfy at the end of the day when I went to visit my boyfriend’s family so I could run around with the kids and dogs!

It’s been quite a nice Chinese New Year so far for me, especially since I haven’t celebrated it with all of my family for nearly 5 years! I’m just not too keen on people starting to ask if I’ll be getting married soon… I didn’t think I’d be getting those sort of questions for a few more years!? :\

But anyway! Here’s hoping everyone else is having a great time relaxing during this long weekend holiday, eating lots of goodies and collecting hongbao money! (:

Gong Xi Fa Cai! (:


Nina, pretty ballerina!

Natalie Portman in Black Swan

I don’t think Singapore has fully caught onto the whole hype about Black Swan yet, especially since it hasn’t officially started showing at cinemas here (opens 10 Feb 2011)!

The white swan

I’ve had the strange privilege of catching it early sometime ago while I was overseas and I will admit that was quite impressed with it. Yes, the movie was definitely dark, thought-provoking and very intense and as such, may not be up everyone’s street, but I felt like the inner perfectionist in me could relate, and had a connection with it. Continue reading

Hair roots of all evil!

As you can probably see from my previous posts, I’ve had semi-light brown hair for quite a while! I liked having brown hair and  was vain enough to bring 2-3 boxes of Liese Bubble Hair Colour in Chiffon Beige with me to the UK during my University studies to maintain the colour!

Unfortunately, it has come to a point where I needed to get a new shade. And for some reason, I decided that due to my previous failed attempts at getting a slightly darker shade of brown, this time I would go extreme. Yes, I went back to black.

Very black hair thanks to Beauteen's Natural Black hair dye!

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ghd stylers: pretty in pink!

When I lived in the UK, one of the many things that I came to love were ghd (good hair day) hair straighteners. Ever since I tried my housemate Bryony’s amazing ghds, there was just no turning back! My own pair of Babyliss straighteners were alright, but just didn’t live up to how quickly and effectively the ghds styled my messy, wavy hair. Sadly, when I came back to Singapore, it was back to ghd-less days… but! A few months back, I chanced upon ghds for sale on momoren.me!

good hair days ahead!

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