ghd stylers: pretty in pink!

When I lived in the UK, one of the many things that I came to love were ghd (good hair day) hair straighteners. Ever since I tried my housemate Bryony’s amazing ghds, there was just no turning back! My own pair of Babyliss straighteners were alright, but just didn’t live up to how quickly and effectively the ghds styled my messy, wavy hair. Sadly, when I came back to Singapore, it was back to ghd-less days… but! A few months back, I chanced upon ghds for sale on!

good hair days ahead!

Comes in a pretty pink box!

I knew very well that the price was WAY too good to be true, and I knew for a fact that this particular box set was sold out over a year ago, so it was highly likely that it wasn’t genuine. But since it was high time both me and my sister needed a new set of straighteners, and it was cheaper than what we would both usually fork out, we decided just to get a set against my better judgement!

the styler comes in a set with hairbrush, 2 sectioning clips, tote, styler bag and instruction booklet

Having used ghds almost religiously for the last year of my life and having seen this particular model in real life, all I can say that if these are truly fake, it’s a bloody good one! I’ve tried it out on my difficult hair, and compared it to photos, reviews, everything I can find!! It just seems like the real deal, from how effective it styles my hair, even down to the bleeps and blinking light! To be honest, the only thing that gave it away so far was that I was unable to register it on the ghd website. I have sent an email to ghd for a final registration number check just to settle my curiosity, but I don’t have my hopes up for a positive reply.

Hairbrush and clips with interior tote print as a backdrop!

Yes, I know the negatives of fake ghds, but these seem to work alright (and better than my current Babyliss ones, even!) so far. So till I’m able to finally get my hands on my own genuine pair of ghds, or a better set of stylers, these will have to do temporarily. As sad as it is, I guess I am still ghd-less for now! ):


7 responses to “ghd stylers: pretty in pink!

  1. That looks good!! I’m in the market for a new GHD as well
    but they are so so so so so expensive =( If you do another spree
    from momoren, I’d love in! XD

    • I’ll be doing a little test run on these ones so maybe you can see how they fare for yourself! 😀 and if you want them, I’ll be happy to help get a set for you, bb! ❤

  2. i have two GHDs, one of them is this pink one, bought mine in UK in 2009 when i went there for a business trip. we can compare ours if u want to see if its the same cos i registered mine and it worked ok

    • Thanks Judy! I’ve decided that I have more or less resigned to the possibility that it isn’t genuine.. But I will definitely get my hands on the real deal in the near future! It helps to know people travelling to and from the UK often! 😀

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