Hair roots of all evil!

As you can probably see from my previous posts, I’ve had semi-light brown hair for quite a while! I liked having brown hair and  was vain enough to bring 2-3 boxes of Liese Bubble Hair Colour in Chiffon Beige with me to the UK during my University studies to maintain the colour!

Unfortunately, it has come to a point where I needed to get a new shade. And for some reason, I decided that due to my previous failed attempts at getting a slightly darker shade of brown, this time I would go extreme. Yes, I went back to black.

Very black hair thanks to Beauteen's Natural Black hair dye!

Although I was the one to make the decision, I was so reluctant to make the change! I worried over it, I consulted the people around me, I put it off for week and weeks… and even up to the point when I was buying the box of hairdye, I felt so unsure of it! But in the end, despite the unnecessary drama I had with myself, I got it done in 20 minutes. Lol

However, my silly hair obviously had different plans, for within a week of being dyed black, it has lightened considerably! Yes folks, in the last week, I’ve somehow ended up with brown hair again. :\

brown hair yet again!

I guess you could say that I am a bit miffed that after all that indecisiveness over the decision to change my hair colour, I’ve gone back to a lighter shade so quick. But I am secretly pleased that it is a darker and more natural shade as compared to what I had before!

I guess the lesson to be learnt from my slightly blonde moment here is that at the end of the day, it’s just hair! I’ll definitely be worrying a lot less the next time I have to make a hair-related decision, lol. 😡


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