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embarking on the 10 items/7 outfits challenge!

A while ago, my dearest friend Alanna of Macaron Hearts set a challenge for all lolitas in cyberspace: Using only 10 articles of clothing, create 7 unique looks that you would wear! Head on down to her first post about it to read about the rules and all that jazz. (:

Now, I personally loved loved LOVED the idea of it, especially having always seen this similarly done in issues of Non-No, and so I thought it would be fun if I gave it a shot! (: I took these in a rush to catch some natural light at 5pm, so please forgive the quality of the photos and my lack of makeup!!

As those who know me would be aware, I’m 98% sweet lolita (2% being my not-so secret desire to be a more mature gothic lolita one fine day!!) and that my wardrobe is filled mostly with pink and white! So that being said, here are my chosen 10 items:

A: Ports International blazer
B: Offbrand blouse (purchased off a local blogshop site!)
C: Angelic Pretty “Country of Sweets” JSK in pink
D: Secret Shop Shoes
E: Offbrand Mules with heart-shaped heels
F: Alice and the Pirates “This is my blood” Asymmetrical skirt in off-white
G: Forever 21 sleeveless top
H: Baby the Stars Shine Bright “Parfait” skirt in white
I: Liz Lisa short sleeved hoodie
J: Vivienne Westwood short sleeved cardigan


And so here comes Coordinate #1!

Normally I would wear this off-brand blouse over skinny jeans with a belt for some waist definition, and so, I thought, since that works for me normally, why not try it over a lolita skirt? And so I did. 😀

Coordinate items:
B: Offbrand Blouse
F: Alice and the Pirates “This is my Blood” Asymmetrical Skirt
E: Offbrand Heart-heel Mules
Offbrand belt
Primark lace tights
Paris Kids mini hair bow



Coordinate #2!

This is probably closest to what my regular Sweet Lolita look would look like! For the longest time, this Country of Sweets JSK was my absolute dream article that I wanted to own!! I was lucky to find this at a relatively reasonable price on Mbok nearly 2 years ago, and I have been one happy girl ever since! (:

Coordinate items:
C: Angelic Pretty “Country of Sweets” JSK
B: Offbrand Blouse (sleeves rolled up!)
J: Vivienne Westwood Cardigan
D: Secret Shop Shoes
Baby the Stars Shine Bright PinkxWhite Hairbow
Baby the Starts Shine Bright Bunny Purse
Sock Dreams over the knee rainbow socks



Coordinate #3!

This is the first time I’ve tried something like this, so I’m not sure if it worked quite as well as I hoped it would, but here goes anyway! The blazer covered up most of the top of the bodice, effectively toning down the JSK, and making it a little more “wearable” as compared to the previous full out Sweet Lolita look of #2.

Coordinate items:
C: Angelic Pretty “Country of Sweets” JSK
A: Ports International Blazer
E: Offbrand Heart-heel Mules
Primark laced tights
Ice-cream Necklace, a gift from Ivory
Feather hairband from Portobello Road



Coordinate #4!
So previously I’ve mentioned that my wardrobe was full of Pink and White items. But strangely enough, in my years of being a lolita, I’ve never really done a proper Shiro-Loli look before! It’s got a bit of an old-school lolita look, I think? But either way, I quite like this coordinate.

Coordinate items:
B: Offbrand Blouse
H: Baby the Stars Shine Bright “Parfait” Skirt
E: Offbrand Heart-heel Mules
Angelic Pretty white lace wrist cuffs
Baby the Stars Shine Bright white lace topped knee socks
H&M Offwhite Flower Hairband
Pearl Headband, gift from Ivory (worn as necklace)


And as it turned out, I ran out of sunlight before I could take any more photos, so this is all the coordinates I have for now!! Stay tuned for part 2, which will be posted soon!



It’s the year of the rabbit!

Tiggy says it's his year, not mine!!

Just a quick one to wish everyone a happy Lunar New Year!

As most of us know, according to the Chinese Zodiac, it’s the year of the Rabbit this year. That means that it’s my year this year! 😀 However, I’ve just discovered that for the Vietnamese, instead of the Rabbit, it’s the year of the Cat! My two cats would be pleased to know that, I expect! 😀

I decided to go traditional this year and wore a Cheongsam/Qipao! The bad bit about wearing a Cheongsam during Chinese New Year is that because it is so form fitting, it does get uncomfortable if you eat too much!! But it does look flattering, and I guess maybe it will help to curb over-eating during the festive season??

Love the collar of my cheongsam, and how the light in this photo makes my hair look black!!! 😀

My sisters and I picked ours out during our Yunnan trip in December, and it’s got a bit of an unusual collar that I thought was quite cute! (: Sadly, I did change out of it into something a bit more comfy at the end of the day when I went to visit my boyfriend’s family so I could run around with the kids and dogs!

It’s been quite a nice Chinese New Year so far for me, especially since I haven’t celebrated it with all of my family for nearly 5 years! I’m just not too keen on people starting to ask if I’ll be getting married soon… I didn’t think I’d be getting those sort of questions for a few more years!? :\

But anyway! Here’s hoping everyone else is having a great time relaxing during this long weekend holiday, eating lots of goodies and collecting hongbao money! (:

Gong Xi Fa Cai! (:


Nina, pretty ballerina!

Natalie Portman in Black Swan

I don’t think Singapore has fully caught onto the whole hype about Black Swan yet, especially since it hasn’t officially started showing at cinemas here (opens 10 Feb 2011)!

The white swan

I’ve had the strange privilege of catching it early sometime ago while I was overseas and I will admit that was quite impressed with it. Yes, the movie was definitely dark, thought-provoking and very intense and as such, may not be up everyone’s street, but I felt like the inner perfectionist in me could relate, and had a connection with it. Continue reading

Out and About: EOY 2010

Journeyed down to Woodlands with the rest of the girls to EOY 2010 at RP  this weekend! Having not prepared a costume this year, our main aim to going down was to catch the Lolita Fashion Runway so we planned on coming a bit later in the day. We paid S$16 for our tickets, which was the most I have ever paid for any EOY ticket in the last 8 years! There seemed to be less people this year, but it could be due to to us coming quite late in the day so I can’t really judge for sure!

Little Bears Cafe at EOY 2010, Photo by Shu ♥

Steph and I came (fashionably) late, having been held back a while by Dance Central and dressing up in her Magical Dressing Room earlier that day. I originally planned on wearing my Milky Berry JSK, but I couldn’t say no when Steph generously offered to let me wear her lovely Little Bear’s Cafe JSK! I lovelove this series, and I’d definitely consider owning a piece of it myself (:

But anyway, what I really wanted to blog about isn’t so much about the runway or the attendance.  Basically, during one of the performances, one of the audience members in the front got really into the song and stood up and did wotagei! However, he and a few others who were up on their feet jumping and dancing to the song were told by staff to sit back down in their seats. I was late, so I missed seeing this in person, but the girls did take a video of it, so I have seen this in action at least on video.

If you are not familiar with Wotagei, it is basically a sets of dance moves and chants that fans in japan do to show their support and appreciation during their idol’s song. Here’s a class example of Wotagei done in Japan to Mikitty’s (Hello!Project Artiste) Romantic Ukare Mode:

As an innocent bystander I do think it is a little strange and scary to see Wotagei being actually done in real life, but at the same time, I feel that it is a little unfair for the poor guy who was obviously really into the performance enough to wotagei it up by himself to be told to sit back down! I mean, when I’m at a gig and there’s a song I love that comes on, I’m definitely up on my feet dancing to it! So I think it is quite a bit of a downer to be told to sit back down. Plus, EOY is meant to be a platform for Japanese culture and I think that Wotagei is a big part of otaku culture and should not neccessarily be out of place at such an event.

Anyways, Wotagei aside, I didn’t get to see many people during the event having come so late! I managed to see a few of the Runway participants in their coordinates and chat with them as I haven’t been to any meets in ages! I also caught some of Danceroid’s performance (which some of the audience had to dance along in their seats)! The two girls were very cute and have a lot of energy and spunk into their dance so I quite liked it!

After a full exciting weekend full of events and activities, I’m completely knackered. EOY is the last event I’ll be going to this year, so here’s to more exciting events in the next year!


out and about: walking with dinosaurs

My dad bought tickets for me, my mum and my 2 sisters to see Walking With Dinosaurs today! Between me and my sister, we absolutely geeked out over dinosaurs as kids! We could name all the dinosaurs from the different periods and even now we still have lots of dinosaur plushies in the house. So really, you can just imagine how excited I was about the show despite me feeling crap ill!

Being the vain cats we usually are, the 3 of us put in a tiny bit more effort into dressing up as compared to the rest of the audience.They prolly needed comfy clothes to chase after their kids in. 😡

Check out my lovely feather headband! It was a nice find at Portobello Market a couple of weeks back when I was in London ❤ I used to really regret buying that particular nude shade of No.7 lippie, but I think it’s started to grow on me recently!

Anyway back to Walking With Dinosaurs! It was an amazing show and I was so impressed by the technology behind the dinosaurs! It was realistic and so well staged with a few good laughs thrown in, and way better than what I expected, to be honest! My favourite was the towering Brachiosaurus and the mini T-rex, who had a bit of a cheeky personality and was really cute. As usual, Mama T-rex completely stole the show!

They sold $5 Milo Dinosaurs at the entrance, lol. I was temped but I couldn’t justify it to be honest! I didn’t get any official merchandise for myself, but my sister got herself an adorable Torosaurus plushie (S$30), which i am very jealous of! We also bought a Show Pamphlet (S$20) which I felt was quite well put together, especially if you had kids and wanted to explain about the names of the dinosaurs to them later on. It’s quite a good keepsake as well, with all the amazing photos of the cast, way better than what your regular camera would capture while watching the show.

S and her new plush Torosaurus

Speaking of photos, Im not sure what people are thinking when they use their point and shoot cameras during the show with their flash turned on. Firstly, you wont even get great photos in that setting and secondly, there were at least 3 announcements about Flash Photography not being allowed, yet there were SO many camera flashes during the entire show! I mean, honestly, it was almost like an annoying lighting effect because the seating area was U-shaped. D:

Most of the crowd were parents with their own kids, yet they were blatantly ignoring rules. Way to go setting a good example for your own kids, guys! Unfortunately, this spoiled the whole experience for me a little, and I even had to tell the lady next to me to turn her flash off because it was literally in my face (she changed seats with her daughter 4 seats down 2 mins later and continued regardless :\). Really wish these people had been responsible enough to at least turn their flash off instead of thinking it was alright to go ahead and do it with the others before them.. or maybe the stadium could have had staff walking around looking out for these flashers? I mean, Ive been to concerts where this was implemented and by giving a vebal warning it would have probably made a difference and made the experience a lot better for everyone. :\

So anyway, flashers aside, It was really a great show, very entertaining and educational for kids especially! Be sure to catch it while you still can, if you haven’t already! It’s definitely something you don’t see everyday. (: And remember, if when you go, please buy a pamphlet and enjoy the photos in it. Don’t use any flash photography while watching!