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Hello 2011!

Yulong Mountain in Li Jiang, Yunnan

It’s a brand new year! I spent a whole week up in the mountains of Yunnan, China including a very uneventful New Year’s Eve in Shangri-La. However, I will admit that being internet-less in the middle of all things (somewhat) basic, peaceful and natural does bring a different perspective into my thoughts. I will probably do a trip post soon, after I get my photos out of my camera!

A few days late, to post resolutions, but this year I have 3:
1) Stay fit
This includes eating healthy, shedding the weight I’ve put on in the years of studying in England, and keeping in shape! Since I’ve been back in Singapore, cheerleading has definitely pushed me to shape up, but I feel that I can do better and I will admit that I am vain enough to want to work for it. No more half-hearted diets for me this year!

2) Clean up!
I have way too much clutter in my life and it is partly because I just can’t give anything I own up! Sentimental value and all that jazz.. it’s really not a helpful to be a pack-rat when I’ve come back from 5 years of having my own space to sharing a room with my sister again. The state of my wardrobe is appalling and no matter how much I clear it out, it just seems to be so full! And let’s not get started on my shoes and cosmetics. An absolute nightmare! So I will have to declutter and reorganise my life by Chinese New Year, and somehow keep it that way! I know lots of girls have this clutter problem too, so I will probably blog to document this process.

3) Off Screen Memories
I realise that since going digital, I don’t have any physical photo albums anymore! It sucks that I used to have all these photos from my Poly days (no matter how badly taken) that I no longer have  because I lost them as digital data during computer crashes and harddrive failures. I recently unearthed a few photos of my childhood and I’ve decided that I would like to keep my memories recorded off the screen as well. (:

I’ll be working to keep these resolutions! What are your resolutions this year?