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the view from my bed

Being ill and all, I have been spending most of my day in bed! Not too fun really, but luckily for laptops and phone technology , at least I’m still connected in some way!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my skin always seems to break out when I’m ill. Luckily, I managed to get a couple of Charcoal Chin Packs from Etude House a couple of days ago and it’s pretty much the perfect time to try out!

I use Pore Packs a lot, and they do make a difference for me when I use them regularly, so finding some that work for my chin (which is so prone to clogged pores, btw) is just ace!

These Chin Packs are quite effective in pulling out black heads, comparable to the Guardian home brand ones that I usually use. But they are a little tricky to put on right – They tend to shift slightly when you move your mouth before fully drying, so I would recommend pursing your lips when applying and keeping them that way till it starts to feel a little stiff. Point to note: you will NOT look as cute and glamourous as that girl on the pack. The cute illustration liesss! 😡

My dearest Tiggy-cat happily went and scratched his own eye AGAIN, which got all swollen and infected. This happens quite often, so we always have a spare Cone-collar available just in case.

He spent the whole day in bed with me, fighting with me for my blankets and bolster pillows because he felt so uncomfortable in his collar! Poor Tiggy-cat! He’s lying here next to me as I type and his recovery seems way faster than mine :\ Boooo!

Well I shall treat myself to a face mask tonight and hopefully that will make me feel better! I hope the germs go away soooon ):