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In Character: Uta no Oniisan

My favourite photos, printed out using a Polaroid Pogo on the spot!

It’s been a while since I’ve last cosplayed.. possibly over a year! Recently thanks to my dear friend Ivoryfox, I’ve somehow gotten roped in to doing characters not from Anime and Manga, but from Japanese Dramas! Sometimes I think if not for Ivory, I wouldn’t be cosplaying very much anymore… 😡

This time around, we chose to cosplay the main characters off the Drama Uta no Oniisan with Ivory as Kenta, and Me as Urara.

The thing about cosplaying a character off a live action drama is that there is always that comparison to the actor’s face and features, thus making it a little more challenging. Plus, these characters tend to be a little less recognisable, so I got a couple of strange guesses as to who I was, like “Strawberry Shortcake” and “Strawberry Girl”. Lol!

The cast of Uta no Oniisan

Photo by Valentine (:

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